About Us

Business Conduct Principles

Our Business Conduct Principles are a basis of our operations in accordance with the spirit of pride, trust and respect.

  1. 1Satisfying client needs by offering products and services that create real and lasting value.
  2. 2Abiding by the letter and spirit of laws, regulations and social rules and promoting free trade and competition.
  3. 3Maintaining transparent and sound corporate management by providing full disclosure to the public.
  4. 4Continuously improving our business by maintaining healthy corporate governance and sharing appropriate information with our shareholders and the market.
  5. 5Respecting each employee as an individual and providing him/her with opportunities and environments that encourages professional development.
  6. 6Respecting the culture, customs and environment of each country and region in which we operate and making genuine, meaningful contributions to their economies and societies.
  7. 7Actively avoiding involvement or association with questionable organizations.
  8. 8Being a good corporate citizen in each country or region by maintaining proper and fair relationships with official bodies such as government, public administration offices, the judicatory and social organizations such as mass communications’ groups.